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QuickBite tiled roof system

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Quickbite can be considered one of the best solutions on the market for mounting solar panels on a tiled roof. With special technology and design, our construction has more convenient installation options for solar panel mounting system!
Fixing solar panels to tiled roof on horizontal beams. More flexibility during installation of solar roof system

Easy solar panel roof installation without risking damage to tiles

Significantly faster solar mounting due to the click system

Universal module clamps in roof solar panels (end and centre)

Install solar panel brackets for roof with just a screwdriver

25-year warranty for solar panel roof mounting systems
    Mounting components
    BeamBite Hook

    • Provides horizontal beam mounting, which allows mounting PV panels in the most inconvenient places.
    • Made of Magnelis steel, which ensures protection for 40+ years. Approved by testing.
    • Suits for use with all types of ceramic and concrete tiles.
    • The fastest and the simplest fastening. It is enough to fasten two elements.
    • Provides a convenient regulatory system, which allows setting off a necessary height and adjusting the mounting rail.
    Mounting BiteRail

    • Made of high-class aluminum.
    • Designed due to the unique construction, which can bear considerable loads without any deformation.
    • Provides fast and simple rail mounting in a click-clack manner, which eliminates the use of screws and nuts.
    • The length of the profile strip is 3.60 meters, which allows no-waste installation for three panels.
    Universal BiteClamp

    • The clamp can be used both as a middle clamp and as an ending clamp.
    • A convenient design provides easy plugging, moving, and unplugging of a profile clamp.
    End BiteCap

    • Fully covers the visible part of the profile at its finishing and provides an aesthetic look of the installed system.
    • Has an opportunity to regulate it. The step is 20 cm.
    BiteRail Connector

    • Provides a reliable and convenient connection.
    • Fixing of the connector can be made without any nuts and screws implementation.
    Cable BiteClip

    • Is included in the kit as a bonus gift.
    • Provides the convenience of installation at any roof part.
    • Allows fixing the cable both on upper and lower profiles.
    3d - video installation
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