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Warranty Terms

Provided by Clickwerk GmbH for general information and warranty claims of
Clickwerk GmbH, Walter-Becker-Straße 44, 21035 Hamburg

Section A: Scope of Warranty

Part 1. Application of Warranty Terms

1.1 These warranty terms and conditions (“Warranty Conditions”) govern all sales of QuickBite products (as defined below) by Clickwerk (“Clickwerk”) to third parties (“Purchasers”).

1.2 The Warranty Conditions form an integral part of the contract between Clickwerk and the Purchaser for the sale of QuickBite Products (each, a “Sales Contract”).

1.3 In the event of a conflict between the terms of any sales contract and the terms of these Warranty Conditions, the terms of the sales contract shall prevail.

Part 2. Warranty Coverage for Direct Sales

2.1 These Warranty Conditions apply exclusively to sales contracts concluded directly with Clickwerk.

2.2 Customers who have purchased QuickBite products from resellers or distributors should refer any warranty claims to the relevant reseller or distributor and not to Clickwerk.

Part 3. Warranty Period and Coverage

3.1 Clickwerk warrants that the QuickBite Solar Roof Mounting System including QuickBite mounting components and accessories (the “Products”) supplied in accordance with the Sales Agreement are free from defects in material and workmanship.

3.2 The warranty period for the QuickBite Products is 25 years from the date of delivery by Clickwerk or for a longer period as required by law.

3.3 QuickBite products are warranted to comply with the functional and technical specifications in accordance with the product documentation provided by Clickwerk.

Section B: Warranty Procedures

Part 4. Reporting a Defect

4.1 The Purchaser shall immediately notify Clickwerk in writing of a defect in the QuickBite product that does not comply with the warranty requirements set out in these Warranty Conditions (“Defect” or “Defective Product”) and attach all relevant information and documents.

4.2 The report should include photographs or video recordings of the alleged defect if appropriate.

Part 5. Collaboration and Evaluation

5.1 The Purchaser will provide Clickwerk with additional information and cooperation as reasonably required for the evaluation of the warranty claim.

5.2 Clickwerk may require the Purchaser to send the allegedly defective QuickBite Products to Clickwerk for evaluation at Clickwerk’s or a nominated third party’s expense.

5.3 Clickwerk or the specified third party will check the warranty claim and notify the Purchaser in writing of the result.

5.4 If the QuickBite Product is found to be defective, Clickwerk will determine the appropriate remedy in accordance with these Warranty Conditions.

5.5 If the QuickBite product is not found to be defective, the Purchaser shall bear the cost of returning the product and reimburse Clickwerk for the cost of the expert evaluation.

Section C: Warranty Claims

Part 6. Available Remedies

6.1 6.1 Upon confirmation of a defective QuickBite Product, Clickwerk at its sole discretion and expense:

6.1.1 Fix the defective QuickBite Product.

6.1.2 Replace the defective QuickBite Product with a new, similar Product.

6.1.3 Refund to the Purchaser the amount paid for the defective QuickBite Product less a proportionate amount reflecting the period of use without defects.

6.2 Clickwerk and the Purchaser may agree in writing on other mutually acceptable remedies.

Part 7. Collaboration in respect of action to remedy defects

7.1 The Purchaser will cooperate with Clickwerk to provide the necessary access and facilities for the implementation of warranty remedies for defects.

Part 8. Warranty Period for Repaired or Replaced Products

8.1 If a QuickBite product is repaired or replaced under the warranty, the original warranty period remains valid from the date of the initial delivery.

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